Monday, 16 January 2017

Percy Manning: the man who collected Oxfordshire

Percy Manning was an antiquarian and folklorist, who died one hundred years ago in 1917. He was particularly interested in collecting objects and information about popular folk customs, and donated over 200 objects to the Pitt Rivers Museum. We at the PRM are creating a small temporary display to celebrate this centenary. The display contains objects related to folklore customs in Oxfordshire including a Morris Dancers outfit (1895.46.1), whit horns (1902.16.7), objects collected by Percy Manning such as candlesticks (1911.29.24, 1911.29.25 and 1911.29.37) and lace makers pot (1911.29.45) and contemporary Morris dancers accessories loaned by Kirtlington Morris.

Mock up of the layout for the display case © Pitt Rivers Museum
Two lanterns collected by Percy Manning 1911.29.33 and 1911.29.34 © Pitt Rivers Museum
The PRM display is one of many exhibitions and events happening in and around Oxford in 2017 to celebrate the life and achievements of Percy Manning. For more information about them visit here 

Madeleine Ding
Curatorial Assistant

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