Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Couriered loan to Wellcome Trust Library Reading Room

The Wellcome Trust Library Reading Room have borrowed 111 amulets on loan from the Pitt Rivers Museum.  The Reading Room is due to open in 2015.  The Reading Room combines books and objects in an innovative space.

Loaned objects must be accompanied by a member of Pitt Rivers Museum staff. Their role is to safeguard the objects on their journey and oversee the installation. The amulets lent to the Wellcome Collection come from the collections of Adrien de Mortillet, Edward Lovett and Walter Leo Hildburgh. The amulets originate from all around the world.

The amulets packed for transport

Madeleine Ding and Faye Belsey travelled to London along with the carefully packed crate of objects. The condition of all objects was checked at the Reading Room. The amulets were arranged in their new display case. Some objects had supporting stands made by Technicians at the Pitt Rivers Museum. The Reading Room have produced a booklet to accompany the display.

Installing the amulets
The objects sit on a red felt cloth. The felt was oddy tested before being selected for the display ensuring that it will not cause any damage to the objects due to the release of chemical gases during the display period. Before the installation was completed the lid was secured and the environmental conditions were assessed. The light levels, relative humidity and temperature were checked to ensure the objects would be housed in safe and stable environment.

The finished layout

Faye Belsey and Madeleine Ding

Assistant Curators

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