Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Maori Carving Display

Carved door panel
PRM 1884.62.36 © Pitt Rivers Museum
We are busy preparing a new display to highlight the art of Maori carving (whakairo). The available space means we can showcase large objects, like panels from buildings, canoe carvings and paddles.

Objects like this are valuable treasures (taonga) featuring in the oral history and story telling, which is a strong part of Maori life. A Master Carver (Tohunga Whakairo) is an important person who has the ability to create in physical form the oral histories and stories of his tribe (iwi).

The preparations for this display involve researching the collection and I am eager to find out more about these interesting objects. When possible, I am taking photographs to make sure, even if you can't come to the Museum, you will be able to see these objects via the online Museum database.

I will keep you up to date on this display in future blogs.

Zena McGreevy
Senior Assistant Curator

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